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You probably know someone who owns a gun. According to the Department of Justice, it is estimated that 26 per cent of Canadian households own some sort of firearm. Put another way, more than one in four households has a firearm located in it.

Ninety-five per cent of firearm-owning households in Canada possess long guns. As of 2011, there were an estimated seven million firearms in Canada. Canadians living in small towns (population less than 10,000) were more likely than their urban counterparts (in cities with populations over one million) to own firearms; 33.6 per cent compared to 1.2 per cent respectively.

The majority – 70 per cent – of firearms owners indicate that hunting is the primary reason they own guns. Other reasons include target shooting and collecting firearms.

Gun ownership is not inherently good or bad. It is the improper storage and use of guns that can be problematic.



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