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The Canada Safety Council (CSC) serves as a national resource for safety, working with and through partner organizations that help deliver and /or fund these programs.
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Safety education is the key to the long-range reduction in avoidable deaths and injuries. The Canada Safety Council (CSC) serves as a national resource for safety, working with and through partner organizations that help deliver and /or fund these programs.


Why should your organization become a sponsor?

Organizations that contribute to Canada Safety Council programs send a strong message that they are committed to the safety of Canadians — at home, at work and in leisure. By associating your organization with Canada’s most authoritative voice in safety, sponsors can be confident that their contribution is helping to reduce preventable deaths and injuries through public education, discussion and interaction.

What are the benefits of becoming a sponsor?

The benefits of becoming a sponsor include branding, product positioning, increasing your organization’s profile and heightening corporate responsibility.

Benefit highlights

Media release to announce the national sponsorship. 

Corporate recognition and positioning in CSC’s print materials. 

Profile on CSC’s website. 

Opportunity to participate in announcement activities. 

Customized sponsorship for specific marketing objectives for your organization. 

Each year, the Canada Safety Council presents a number of timely, national public awareness campaigns aimed at highlighting a specific safety issue. Campaign sponsors are recognized as key supporters of their particular safety initiative and benefit from a close association with Canada’s number one voice on these issues.

The Canada Safety Council would like to offer your organization the opportunity to sponsor the following safety awareness campaigns or programs:

National Public Awareness Campaigns

National Farm Safety Week – March
National Summer Safety Week – May
National Road Safety Week – May
National School Safety Week – October
National Community and Crime Prevention Month – November
National Senior Safety Week – November
National Home Fire Safety Week – November
National Safe Driving Week – December

Training Programs


By sponsoring a specific training program, your organization will have the opportunity to reach a specific target audience with information and/or offers related to your product or service.

Elmer the Safety Elephant:

Elmer School Flag Program
Elmer “Bullies Never Win” Program
Elmer Emergency Preparedness Program

Sponsorship Type

The Canada Safety Council has a wide range of sponsorship opportunities to suit various marketing objectives and budgets. For more information, please contact Lewis Smith at or call 613-739-1535, ext. 228.

There are three levels of sponsorship:

Bronze - $5,000 - $49,000


Silver - $50,000 - $149,000


Gold - $150,000 to $300,000


Customized Sponsorships

Do you have specific marketing objectives aimed at any of the following audiences?

Children, Teens, Parents, Seniors

Educators, Media

Canadian Public on a national level

The Canada Safety Council’s experienced team of program delivery professionals will work with you to develop a customized sponsorship program that meets your specific needs and budget.

By sponsoring the Canada Safety Council your organization can play a part in lowering the number of deaths and injuries on our roads, in our homes, and in the workplace.