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The Canada Safety Council focuses on education and public awareness to achieve long range reduction in avoidable deaths and injuries. The CSC is a not-for-profit charitable organization that works with many partners and volunteers.

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Sarah Beth Therien Child Safety Fund

On June 17, 2006, the Canada Safety Council staff lost a valued and beloved colleague.

Sarah Beth was a long time employee of the Council where her career goal was to make this wonderful country a safer place for all. In so many ways she succeeded! She will always be remembered for her generosity, her entrepreneurial spirit and her never-ending concern and compassion for those who are underprivileged and disadvantaged.

From babysitter training to Elmer the Safety Elephant, Sarah always helped young children understand the importance of safety.

Keep Sarah Beth endeavours going by donating to CSC’s Child Safety Fund. These funds will be used to help create and distribute safety materials to children across Canada.

To donate to the Canada Safety Council’s Child Safety Fund in Memory of Sarah Beth Therien, donate online through


Stewart Moore Endowment for Traffic Safety in Lifestyle Advertising

In 1990, concerned about television commercials that featured unsafe driving, Stewart Moore started to write to automobile manufacturers, government, police, and the Canada Safety Council. For several years, Mr. Moore corresponded regularly with CSC on this issue and became a member. His annual contributions supported a concerted effort to influence lifestyle advertising to prevent car crashes.

Following his death in 1997, his wife set up The Stewart Moore Endowment for Traffic Safety in Lifestyle Advertising. The endowment enables the Canada Safety Council to monitor and respond to advertising, which promotes unsafe behaviour, with the main focus on traffic safety.

To donate to the Stewart Moore Endowment, donate online through