100th Anniversary

The Canada Safety Council is proudly celebrating our 100th anniversary in 2018. Take a brief walk through the history of safety in Canada with us.

We’ll take you from industrialization to the first vehicles in Canada all the way up to the present.

Canada Safety Council

Canada’s Voice and Resource for Safety





Don’t Drive Drunk or Drugged

Don’t Drive Drunk or Drugged

Driving any type of vehicle requires your full attention. It’s a skill that demands the ability to react quickly, one that requires constant scanning of your surroundings and one that needs you to be alert. And yet, too often Canadians find reasons to justify getting...

Old Republic Insurance Company of Canada

Old Republic Insurance Company of Canada

Insurance Group, Hamilton, Ont.

Old Republic Insurance Company of Canada have been corporate members of the Canada Safety Council for 25 years. Since 1992, their generous support and efforts have contributed to ensuring that our safety message reaches the eyes and ears of Canadians coast to coast. We recognize and are grateful for their commitment in helping to ensure the best method of information delivery.

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