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Stay Alert, Stay Safe!

Not everybody drives the same way you do.A long stretch of empty road and a warm and comfortable vehicle would sound like a terrific combination to many driving enthusiasts. Paired with a lack of sleep, an overworked mental state and eyelids that seem to be getting...

Top Five Safety Awareness Training Courses

Did you know the Canada Safety Council offers an extensive suite of safety awareness training eLearning courses? It’s true! Aside from being convenient, affordable and practical for small and large workforces alike, courses offered by the Canada Safety Council via our...

Technology is a Tool, Not a Focus

You’re driving in an unfamiliar area and don’t fully trust that you’ll be able to find your destination. But you’ve come prepared! You open your navigation app or your vehicle’s infotainment system, type in the address, and are fastidiously following the directions....

Stay Cool in the Face of Summer Safety Risks

  Though the seasonal warmth of summer isn’t yet being felt everywhere in the country, there’s certainly no better time to become acquainted – or re-acquainted – with tips to keep you and your family safe during the dog days of summer. National Summer Safety Week...

Maintenance: Long-Term Investment on the Farm

​Equipment maintenance can be a thankless chore and, even if done correctly, one that doesn’t pay immediate apparent dividends. Done improperly, or not at all, however, it can be the difference between safe operation and injury or fatality. National Farm Safety Week...

Vaccine Education and Awareness

The Canada Safety Council is offering a free fact-based presentation on COVID-19 vaccination and the topic of vaccines.

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Driver for Hire Online Training

This on-demand course, brought to you by the Canada Safety Council and Bluedrop ISM with funding from Employment and Social Development Canada, focuses on core driving skills.

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Your Training Delivery Just Got Easier!

Your Training Delivery Just Got Easier!

Following the partnership announcement made with Bluedrop ISM in December 2022, the Canada Safety Council is excited to announce the official launch of its flagship motorcycle training program, Gearing Up, on the SkillsPass platform. The migration to SkillsPass will...