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Statistics Canada reports that in 2006, there were more than 3,100 incidents during which at least one firearm was reported stolen. About half of these thefts – 47 per cent – happened during a break and enter, usually at a residence. Among the firearms stolen, nearly three-quarters were rifles or shotguns (73 per cent).

Stolen guns are guns in the wrong hands. These stolen firearms present significant community safety risks because they may be used to inflict additional harms, including robberies and assaults.

Responsible gun owners can significantly reduce the likelihood of their guns being stolen and misused. Always unload and securely lock up guns in a firearms cabinet. Locate the cabinet in a place where it is not easily visible. Safeguard the keys to the gun cabinet and/or the combination.

Store the ammunition separately. If possible, keep the ammunition in a secure cabinet separate from the one being used to store the guns.



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