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Vaccine Education and Awareness FAQs

Nov 11, 2021

How were the materials reviewed?

The course content has been reviewed by health and education organizations for accuracy of content and age-appropriate delivery.  It has also been shared with educators, school board officials, and provincial education ministers. All efforts have been made to ensure the program is optimized for delivery in schools, that it is age-appropriate by school division and that it provides fact-based information around vaccination and COVID-19 vaccination.

What is your privacy policy?

Data that is collected will be used in aggregate for reporting purposes and no individual information will be shared. Upon registration, the user may choose to receive updates on this program and/or other Canada Safety Council programs — CSC will not use these email addresses for anything other than the intended purpose as indicated by the user.

Can I share the program with a colleague who has not registered?

We invite you to share the link to the registration portal rather than the program itself. Registrations inform us to the course’s uptake rate and allow us to determine distribution effectiveness. They also enable us to deliver programs in a similar fashion in the future where applicable.

Who funded this project?

The project was funded in part by the Public Health Agency of Canada through the Immunization Partnership Fund.

Does this program advocate for vaccination?

This program has been carefully written and reviewed to ensure it is as neutral in content as possible. Its goal is not to advocate in either direction on the topic of vaccination, but rather to build knowledge, confidence and clear understanding through evidence-based vaccination communication.

What is the best way to deliver the program?

We suggest that you run the video that is appropriate for your classroom’s age group first and follow with the enrichment and engagement questions located in the teachers’ guide. These refer back to the video.  The video can also be paused and restarted at any time for discussion as necessary. 

How is the data from the survey questions used?

The survey questions help us understand the knowledge-sharing and knowledge transfer experience. From a teacher perspective, we also hope to gain an understanding of how the program was used in the classroom.  The feedback is helpful in developing high-quality programs in the future. As with all matters of data collection, the information is collected in aggregate without reference to any individual information.

How current is the information presented?

All efforts are made to ensure the information is as up-to-date as possible. We will monitor the information and provide updates as major changes warrant them.

What are the system requirements?

The program can easily be accessed using most computers. The course contains between 130 and 200 megabytes of material in video and PDF format. Videos may be played using the built-in video player in your operating system, while the PDF documents may require you to download the free version of Adobe Reader at the following link: