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Today’s Timely Tips: Winter walking safety

Jan 24, 2013 | 2013, Home & Community Safety, News

Taking a tumble hurts. Along with possible bruises, fractures and sprains, it can cost you valuable time to recover. The cold, slippery winter months add challenges that can trip you up if you fail to prepare.

This winter, the Canada Safety Council offers these recommendations to help you stay safe while enjoying the outdoors on foot.

  • Consider your footwear. Your soles should have a non-slip tread that grips into snow and ice. Ideally, boots should be waterproof and lined, and paired with warm, thermal socks.
  • Evaluate the conditions. In the hours following a significant bout of freezing rain, for example, it may be wise to trade your daily winter walk for an indoor workout.
  • When possible, go walking with a friend or where other people will be present to help you if you fall. If you are going alone, carry a cell phone with you in case you need to call for help.
  • If you need added balance, consider walking with an ice pick or ski pole.
  • Make strength and balance training a part of your routine. These exercises will improve your flexibility and reflexes, reducing the likelihood that your will fall.
  • Do your part to keep sidewalks and stairs clear of snow and ice. Use sidewalk salt or eco-friendly alternatives to help melt away ice.

Take it one safe step at a time and enjoy walking outdoors this winter!

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