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Online Safety Rules for Kids

Youth Safety

The Internet has brought many benefits, but it has also raised some safety concerns such as the potential for crime and predators. To make sure children have a safe and rewarding experience on the Web, parents and educators must understand where they go, what they do and the safety issues they may face.

The Canada Safety Council recommends that children who use the Internet follow these rules:

  • I ask my parents’ permission before giving out any personal information on the Internet, including: my sex, name, phone number, address, e-mail, school name, my parents’ work address/telephone numbers, credit card information, my picture and my passwords.
  • I only use chat rooms for kids that my parents have checked out for me.
  • When I’m online I always use a nickname that doesn’t reveal anything about me – including if I am a boy or girl.
  • If an online message makes me feel uncomfortable or frightened, I don’t respond to it. Instead I tell an adult right away.
  • If I want to arrange a meeting with someone I’ve met on the Internet, I tell my parents first and make sure one of them comes with me.
  • I treat people nicely when I’m online and never post or send rude messages or threats.
  • I always ask permission from the author before taking words, pictures or sounds from a Web site.
  • I use Web sites and search engines for kids that my parents, teacher or librarian have told me about.
  • I know that things I read online aren’t always true so I check the information with a parent or teacher.
  • I always check with an adult before opening e-mails from strangers.

Source: Media Awareness Network

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