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November is National Community Safety and Crime Prevention Month, and the Canada Safety Council encourages all Canadians to reach out to their neighbours this month.

“When you take the time to know your neighbours, not only will you probably be healthier and happier for it, your efforts will also make the community safer for everyone,” says Jack Smith, President of the Canada Safety Council.

Here are some tips for reaching out in the interests of safety:

1. Take a walk in your neighbourhood. Make a point of greeting people. Be known to them and remember who they are.

2. Offer to assist neighbours and don’t shy away from asking for help. Small requests can be an excuse to strike up a conversation and discuss neighbourhood safety issues or concerns.

3. Spend time in your front yard or common area. When you sit out front, not only are you an extra pair of “eyes on the street,” and you also open up new opportunities to greet and be greeted by neighbours.

4. Join in or lead a community activity or event.  Whether it’s a cleanup, fundraiser or block party, having a common goal can unite the neighbourhood and nurture a local network of friendships. Consider engaging others in initiatives like the Block Parent or Neighbourhood Watch Program.

We can all take simple steps to build one of the most powerful defences against crime: a resilient and caring community of neighbours who look out for one another.

Other ideas for getting to know your neighbours:

Please disturb (printable neighbour door hangers) from the artist Candy Chang

“The Art of Manliness” blog post: How to be a Good Neighbour

Check with your local police force for Neighbourhood Watch and other crime prevention resources. The following are a sample of other organizations working towards community safety and crime prevention.

International Centre for the Prevention of Crime

National Crime Prevention Centre

Alberta Community Crime Prevention Association

BC Crime Prevention Association

Nova Scotia Crime Prevention

Citizens’ Crime Prevention Association of Newfoundland and Labrador


For more information, please contact:

Lynn Lau
Coordinator, Communications and Media Program
Canada Safety Council
(613) 739-1535, ext. 228

Raynald Marchand
General Manager, Programs
Canada Safety Council
(613) 739-1535, ext. 226