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Halloween ~ Its Not Just For Kids

Home & Community Safety

Adults also celebrate this festive time with parties, costumes and ghoulish food.  These occasions can be great fun and with a little common sense and caution, they can also be safe.

Costumes should have the same safety considerations as children do.  Masks should not interfere with vision (face makeup is better) and the costume should not cause you to trip.  Accessories should not be sharp or dangerous to carry.

Decorations and special effects need to be handled with caution. Candles are very popular at parties but must never be left unattended.  Be sure that no crepe paper streamers or other flammable objects are near the flame. Dry ice has wonderful qualities for a Halloween party but remember that it can cause freezing burns and must not be handled with bare hands (try using an oven mitt).  It can cause injury if you ingest it so keep dry ice chips out of beverages.

Drinking and driving do not mix.  So if alcohol is being served, be sure to have alternate plans.  Consider having a car key collection at the beginning of the party and have a designated driver or call a taxi service.  Do not allow anyone to drive if they have been drinking.

Consider food allergies when hosting a party.  Be informed as to any guests that may have allergies and avoid serving the food.  Common allergies include nuts, peanuts, dairy products and shellfish.

Once a few precautions have been taken, let the “monster mash” begin.

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