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Jun 27, 2017 | 2017, Home & Community Safety, News

Our country is celebrating a milestone this month – perhaps you’ve heard? Canada Day 2017 marks the 150th year of the country we’re all proud to call home. And, of course, a big milestone typically calls for a big celebration, one that will be accompanied by thousands of firework displays across the country.

Whether for Canada Day or at any point throughout the celebratory year, we recommend the displays that will be organized by professionals and displayed at community centres, landmarks and public gatherings as the safest way to enjoy fireworks. It combines all the awe and brilliance of the displays with a minimized amount of risk, relative to shows put on at home using purchased fireworks.

Many parties will still choose to put on home-grown displays. These can be impressive when done right, but safety always needs to come first. A fireworks display loses a lot of its fun when injury or property damage occurs. So, avoid these tragedies and take care to handle these displays safely.

First of all, only buy fireworks from reliable sources that meet safety standards. Illegal explosives or firecrackers might be cheaper, but they’re far more likely to deploy incorrectly. Likewise, unless you’re a trained professional, never attempt to make your own fireworks.

Next, before setting up your show, read and follow the instructions on each firework. These are instructions given by the firework manufacturer who, much like yourself, only wants their product used in a safe and enjoyable way.

Set up your fireworks on a hard, level surface outdoors and away from any obstructions. The hard surface will ensure a more stable lighting platform and limit the odds of the firework flying off in an unexpected direction. Set up your fireworks with the wind blowing away from spectators so the sparks don’t fly toward anyone.

Once everything is set up, store the fireworks you will not be using back in a closed box, away from the staging area. Have a supply of water, a bucket of sand and a fire extinguisher on hand in case, taking care to soak all used fireworks in water before throwing them out.

And of course, as common sense as this may sound, only adults who are not impaired by drugs or alcohol should be handling fireworks, lighting only one at a time and never holding a lit firework in their hand.

Be smart and use proper safety preparations.  Enjoy the celebration and set off a memorable, safe fireworks show.

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