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Farming is an integral part of Canadian life. However, farming remains one of the most hazardous occupations. Accidental death and injury bring devastating loss and suffering to rural families and their communities.

Join the Canada Safety Council March 14-20, 2007 to help celebrate our 36th annual National Farm Safety Week. The theme this year is “Farm safety: The reward is worth
the effort”. The aim is to heighten public awareness of safety issues and concerns surrounding farming.

Accident prevention requires taking the necessary precautions to reduce or eliminate the risk of injury ahead of time. It is the responsibility of the farmer to be aware of the dangers, and to set a safe example for employees, family members, and the

Most preventative practices are common sense. Tragically, most accidents are caused by simple factors such as carelessness, haste, fatigue, and improperly maintained machinery.

National Farm Safety week may only be seven days long, but farm safety should be carried out everyday. I hope the message of farm safety will serve as a reminder
throughout the year, especially during the upcoming summer and harvest months. I urge farm associations, safety organizations, and all those who live and work on farms to help minimize the number of serious accidents on the farm by using National Farm Safety Week to feature the issue of farm safety.