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Elmer the Safety Elephant and the Children’s Safety Village

Apr 17, 2009 | News, Older, Youth Safety

“Safe Kids…Safe Communities”

Elmer the Safety Elephant is proud to be taking part in the launch of the first-ever indoor, portable Children’s Safety Village in Canada . The village will help to reduce injuries in the community by teaching children about individual responsibility and awareness when travelling in a car, riding a bike, walking down the street, using the internet, or encountering other hazards in or around the home and community. Elmer also works to teach children about these very aspects of safety, all across Canada .

“Elmer the Safety Elephant is the cornerstone of traffic safety for young children,” says OPP Constable, Gerry Dwyer. “At an early age, Elmer is their first contact with traffic safety. Having Elmer at the launch for the portable Children’s Safety Village , will encourage children to learn and remember what they can do to keep themselves safe.”

The Orillia and area portable Children’s Safety Village will be officially launched on Wednesday, April 22. It is a portable village, complete with miniature buildings, cars, and trains that children can actually drive. The village creates an interactive environment, designed to provide Kindergarten to grade eight students with hands-on training.

“This is an excellent opportunity to have Elmer recognized for our efforts in safety across Canada ,” says Raynald Marchand, General Manager of Programs for Canada Safety Council. “Our message is about education and awareness – the safety village contributes nicely to safety messages targeted at children.”

Elmer the Safety Elephant has been teaching young children how to stay safe since 1947, and continues to be one of Canada ‘s best known and loved symbols of safety. Elmer’s safety message includes seven simple traffic safety rules for kids to follow, and is popularised by the slogan “Elmer and I never forget.” To thousands of children, Elmer is a constant reminder of the importance of being careful in traffic. Visit www.Elmer.cafor more information.

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