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In 1918, the first volunteer safety movement was started in Canada following the foundation of the Canadian National Safety League. Over the next 50 years, the organization became Canada’s national voice of safety, partnering with organizations worldwide to reach Canadians on a variety of safety topics.

In 1968, the Canadian Highway Safety Council, the National Safety League of Canada and the Canadian Industrial Safety Association merged to form the Canada Safety Council, permitting the continuation of a proud tradition of advocating for the safety of all Canadians. And now, in 2018, we’re proud to celebrate 100 years in safety.

Our sincere gratitude to Old Republic Insurance Company of Canada, whose generous contribution enabled this entire site redesign to celebrate our anniversary. It’s thanks to supportive sponsors like Old Republic Insurance Company of Canada that we’re able to continue providing important, timely and valuable safety advice to safety-conscious Canadians like you.

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