Babysitters Training Course

The Babysitters Training Course is one of Canada Safety Council's longest running programs. The course is an ideal community project, which can help prevent injuries and promote the responsible management of common situations that may arise while children are under the care of babysitters.

Babysitter Training Course Instructor Manual cover

Many organizations take part by offering the program across Canada. Some examples include School Boards, Child Care Centres, City Recreation Departments, Native Bands, Community Safety Councils, Canadian Forces Bases, Student Employment Centres and Community Lighthouse Programs. 


The 10-hour course is designed to enable individuals with varying degrees of teaching experience to successfully deliver the Babysitter Training Course. The Instructor manual will assist the Instructor in conducting the best possible course by advising them on how to lead discussions and create a comfortable setting for successful learning.

The course material covers such topics as: 

Becoming a successful babysitter

Caring for children from three months to school-aged

The behaviour and misbehaviour of children

Handling Emergencies

Caring for a sick or injured child

Prevention and basic First Aid


Students of this course must be at least 12 years old or turning 12 within the calendar year. The program enables the students to demonstrate their capabilities and maturity by completing the course under the responsible direction of the instructor. The Canada Safety Council recommends that the Babysitter Training Course be supplemented with First Aid and CPR training.

Students must attend all sessions and establish a passing grade of 75 per cent on the final examination in order to receive their certificate. 

For more information please contact the Canada Safety Council, (613) 739-1535.

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