Some seasonal safety reminders

  • Exercise due caution around lakes, river and ponds. Water levels are likely higher than usual because of spring runoff. Stay off any remaining ice, as it is very likely unstable.
  • Many animals are more active during the spring than in previous months. Drive defensively by watching for animals and be prepared to stop if necessary. If you are driving before dawn or after dusk, increase your visibility by keeping your headlights on high-beam as much as possible. Keep the windshield and headlights clean too, and avoid distractions such as your cellphone so that you can focus your entire attention on the road ahead.
  • Is your medicine cabinet due for a spring cleaning? Unused or old medication can be hazardous substances, and should be returned to your nearest pharmacy or household hazardous waste depot for safe disposal. Never dispose of medication by throwing it in the garbage or flushing it down the toilet.
  • Eager to get a head start on BBQ season? Don’t just fire-up the grill! Take time to properly maintain and clean your BBQ. If you are using a propane tank, keep it in the shade and never store propane in your home, your car or your garage. Remember that cylinder tanks must be replaced every ten years.
  • Garage sales pop up this time of year as people clear the clutter from their homes. But that backyard bargain might really be a safety hazard in disguise. Second-hand toys, cribs, playpens, strollers and baby walkers might not meet current safety standards – check before you buy! Also, use caution when buying used electrical appliances by making sure they are in good working order and looking for the CSA certification mark. Faulty appliances can cause fires and injuries to the user.
  • As you get your bike out for the first cycling trip of the season, review road safety rules. These include stopping at all stop signs and proceeding when it’s safe; walking – not riding – your bike across busy streets at marked crosswalks; and making sure you are visible to other road users by using bright lights and reflectors, and wearing light-coloured clothes with reflective tape.

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