Simple tips for staying hydrated

Proper hydration is a very simple matter with a simple solution: ingest enough water to stay hydrated. But some might find it difficult – or just boring – to drink that much water. Hotter temperatures, along with physical exertion, can also increase the need for water. So how can we make sure we’ll get enough?

The following seven tips will help you ensure that you’re well supplied with sources of water.

  1. Plan Ahead and Pack

    The best way to make sure you’ll have enough water? Bring it with you. A few containers of drinking water should be a part of any trip. Getting enough water is a hugely important part of living at your best – and feeling up to enjoying yourself.

  2. Mix It Up

    Sure, water’s the most hydrating beverage there is - but it can get boring. The good news is that smoothies are hydrating too! And so are many fruit juices (dilute them a bit to make them extra hydrating!). If you’re finding it difficult to get all your necessary water intake from water alone, then feel free to mix it up – and mix things with your water. Just make sure you try to avoid natural diuretics such as caffeine, alcohol, or sugar.

  3. Don’t Just Drink Your Water – Eat It Too

    Water is not only available to us through in the liquids we drink, but within the foods we eat as well. One obvious summer example, of course, is the aptly-named watermelon. While watermelon is renowned for its high water content (and its delicious flavour!), it also has essential electrolytes that the body needs for nerve and brain function. A large variety of foods contain lots of water and other things that your body needs; so if drinking lots of liquid isn’t your thing, try to choose foods that hydrate.

  4. Remember The Electrolytes

    Gatorade and sports drinks offer a very simple solution to a problem that often accompanies dehydration. When the body sweats, as it often does sultry summer heat, it doesn’t just lose water, it loses important electrolytes as well. Sports drinks offer a quick electrolyte fix (though some may have high sugar content). And if you’re feeling motivated, you can always make your own!

  5. Have a Popsicle!

    People love summer popsicles for good reason. They’re cool, they’re sweet, and they quench thirst. This means they’re an awesome way to ensure hydration. Children especially can benefit from having popsicles readily available. Popsicles often contain the same electrolytes found in sports drinks.

  6. Remind Yourself To Drink Enough Water

    Why not program recurring reminders into your calendar, your to-do list, via scheduled emails or texts, or set alarms? If it’s hard to remember to stay hydrated, let technology take care of it!

  7. Jug It

    If all else fails, get a nice big jug of water and take it with you wherever you go. It’s not the most convenient method, and the water might get warm, but it’s hard to forget to drink water when there’s a large container of it right there with you. So make it really hard to miss – and make sure you’ll be hydrated.