Transportation of Dangerous Goods

Average length of time to complete course: 75 minutes

Certification: Valid for three years.



During the Transportation of Dangerous Goods course, you and your employees will learn dangerous goods regulations, Emergency Response Plan guidelines, information about TDG containers, safety marks, and even the ways in which TDG corresponds with WHMIS training and regulations.

This course will provide you with comprehensive dangerous goods training, and you will receive a 3-Year TDG Certificate upon completion.

Course modules:

  1. Legal and Other
  2. Definitions
  3. TDG Classification
  4. Schedule 1, 2 and 3 (Including Exemptions and Special Cases)
  5. TDG Shipping Documents
  6. TDG Safety Marks
  7. Containers
  8. Emergency Response Assistance Plan
  9. Accidental Release & Reporting Requirement
  10. Road and Rail  – in 2015, a 10th module for road and rail was added. Module 10 covers Part 9 and 10 of the TDG Regulations, addressing transportation of dangerous goods by road (Part 9) and by rail (Part 10).

Who needs TDG training?

In addition to WHMIS training, anyone who handles or transports hazardous or dangerous materials should have this training. This includes employees in shipping and receiving, drivers, and even loaders within a business.

Transporting dangerous goods is often just a part of the job, but there are federally and locally regulated guidelines that dictate how these goods must be transported and how to use an Emergency Response Plan to manage accidents or safety issues.

In Canada these regulations are governed by Transport Canada’s Dangerous Goods (Transportation) Act.

Although TDG is a Federal regulation some provinces have enacted local rules, so please check with your Provincial Occupational Health and Safety Regulations.

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