Green Defensive Driving Course

NOTE: Successfully passing this course may qualify you for a reduction in demerit points. Contact your local motor vehicle registry for more information.

The bilingual Green Defensive Driving course, developed by the Canada Safety Council and Stantec Learning Products and Solutions teaches you how to become a better and safer driver. This course is available to individuals to corporate fleets. Group rates are available.

  • What is involved in driving defensively
  • Why and how various types of motor vehicle collisions occur
  • What it takes to prevent collisions
  • How to reduce the environmental impact of driving


Cost: $94.95

Time to complete: 3 hrs

The course is comprised of six mandatory modules and a final test:

  • Module 1: Principles and Foundations
  • Module 2: The Driver
  • Module 3: Intersections
  • Module 4: Passing
  • Module 5: The Vehicle
  • Module 6: Winter Driving