Off-Road Vehicle Training

 ATV Rider Training - All-terrain vehicle training for adults and youth

Utility Terrain Vehicle (UTV) Side by Side Course  

Snowmobile Operator's Course -  Learn about safe operation, control, terrain-reading, turning and hill-climbing

ARGO Operator Course - Learn to safely ride and transport your amphibious ATV 


The ATV, UTV, Snowmobile and ARGO instructor courses are five days in length each if done separately.

A training area of approximately 150’ by 200’ is required. The course starts with one day of classes, followed by a skills test where candidates demonstrate their abilities with the vehicles. Also required is a hill to perform some of the lessons. An additional requirement for the ARGO course is access to water for the water portion of the course, and each student taking this part of the course must have their boaters’ licence card.

Instructors will receive materials and learn about teaching techniques, range management, coaching, evaluation, and administration duties. They will have a number of course assignments, micro-teaching assignments and knowledge tests throughout the week. The final course component is the candidates teaching other students on the last day of the course.

The course itself is one day in length, except for the ARGO course which is two days. Courses cover a range of topics such as pre-ride inspection, controls, riding strategies, turning riding circles, emergency stops and swerves, winching, loading, and securing.

Course requirements:

There must be a minimum of six and a maximum of eight instructor candidates, with one machine per instructor. The six to eight candidates must all be available for the last day of the course, when they will be teaching other students. Qualifying instructor candidates will receive a certificate at the end of the day (there is no extra cost to certify these students).

If there are less than six students to train, the cost will be the same as a six-student course. Extra charges may apply for travel and accommodations depending on location.

Note: The UTV and ARGO courses can be instructed with two people sharing a single machine, as long as they get equal time and experience on the handling portion of the course.

For more information on becoming an instructor, please contact Michel Prud’homme at (613) 739-1535 ext. 233, or email Michel Prud’homme.

Instructors can find a downloadable set of forms under "Relate Information" (see righthand sidebar). To order materials, please contact the Order Desk at (613) 739-1535 ext. 223 or email the Order Desk.