What we do

Canada Safety Council has always stayed abreast of developments in the safety field to provide information and resources based on the most reliable research and statistics. To address specific issues, knowledgeable staff members draw upon a network of experts and practitioners – researchers, public sector agencies, and other not-for-profit groups.

Public awareness campaigns, publications and Web sites, combined with extensive behind-the-scenes work, enable CSC to achieve its objectives. The media are important allies. Newspapers, television and radio receive safety information on an ongoing basis, and interviewers contact CSC for a safety perspective on current issues.


The Canada Safety Council pioneered babysitter training, and is Canada’s leading source for driver improvement and specialty vehicle courses. A network of over 3,000 instructors deliver these courses, which are self funded through sale of program materials.

Public Awareness Campaigns

Annual Canada Safety Council campaigns reach millions of Canadians through the media and volunteer channels with vital preventive information on: farm safety, summer safety, road safety, school safety, community safety and crime prevention, seniors’ safety, home fire safety and safe driving.


Safety Canada, the Council’s member newsletter, covers traffic, occupational and public safety, new CSC initiatives, as well as current safety issues; it is available online.

Safety Issues

As a voice for safety in Canada, the Canada Safety Council addresses current and emerging concerns, seeks proactive approaches to prevention, and serves as a resource for useful information on subjects of public interest.

The Council addresses longstanding safety issues on an ongoing basis, working in collaboration with public sector agencies, including federal government departments, police, schools and health professionals.

A new issue may come to light from news reports, journals, research, statistics, communication from concerned individuals or organizations, or a combination of these.


Recognizing that today’s media shapes attitudes and behaviours, we maintain a dialogue with the media on news reports relating to safety. Canada Safety Council news releases address timely concerns, and reporters know they can contact us for an informed perspective on safety issues.


Advocacy is a small part of our overall activity, with the purpose of promoting a full and reasoned consideration of an issue. We do not lobby behind the scenes, and do not put pressure on individual politicians or other organizations. The Canada Safety Council’s policy positions reflect sound research, and consultation with stakeholders, including police, insurers, industry, health and safety professionals, and others. Our role in representing safety interests is to help create laws and countermeasures that address clearly identified problems, are based on well-researched evidence, and can be enforced.