Driver Training

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A proven program to help your employees develop safe driving habits, prevent company-vehicle collisions and lost time.
For more information on the program or to become an instructor, please email the Canada Safety Council or call 613-739-1535 ext. 233.
Green DDC
Become a better, safer driver. A program for new and experienced drivers alike.
Especially for seniors, a hands-on course to sharpen your road skills and improve your confidence on the road.
Find a course near you, or how to become an instructor by emailing Canada Safety Council  or calling us 613-739-1535 ext. 233.
For the pro driver: learn to maintain good driving habits, prevent collisions,
while you deliver cargo safely and on time. 
To find out more, or to become an instructor, email Canada Safety Council or call 613-739-1535 ext. 233.
Professional Driver Improvement Online is well-suited for fleets and companies who are trying to reduce collisions and costs associated with fuel consumption and vehicle maintenance. Order now!

woman drivingBased on the material taught in the Canada Safety  Council's Defensive Driving Course, this course is intended for experienced drivers looking for a refresher, beginners wanting an introduction to the rules of the road, and everyone in between. Order now!