August 01, 2017

Amusement parks immediately tend to bring memories to mind – the nostalgia, the entertainment, possibly the faint taste of cotton candy or the excited shouts of a child winning a plush animal at a carnival game. On a warm summer day, the draw toward roller coasters and water slides is so strong.

Sadly, though, too often we hear of the darker side of amusement parks, especially relative to our friends in the United States. Most recently, a ride malfunction at the Ohio State Fair left one dead and seven more injured. These tragic incidents seem to surface several times a summer, and every time the question is asked: how safe are we here in Canada?

Well, the good news for adrenaline junkies north of the border is that Canadian regulations are exceptionally stringent. Rides and attractions are handled on a provincial level across Canada with the exception of Ontario and Saskatchewan, which...

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