July 06, 2017

One of the most basic tenets of safety is preventing incidents before they happen, rather than mitigating the damage after the fact. This involves being able to identify risks and addressing them through corrective actions. And yet, risk surrounds us everywhere we look – everything from natural disasters to heightened cholesterol can factor into a reduced lifespan.

To this end, it’s vital to be able to have an understanding of the role risk plays in our lives. The Canada Safety Council is proud to lend its support to Kensington Communications, Telus Fund and TVO in announcing the Risk Factor Initiative, a national awareness campaign launching July 10 with an aim toward improving the ability of Canadians to better identify and assess risky behaviours.

The campaign’s launch will be marked by a live event in Canmore, Alta., featuring the first public screening of a documentary exposing the omnipresence of risk in our day-to-day lives. The film, created by...

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