August 18, 2016

The Canada Safety Council is very pleased to announce Nickaya Parris of Halifax, N.S., as the 2016 recipient of the Sarah Beth Therien Memorial Scholarship.

The $2,000 award recognizes Nickaya’s exceptional leadership in safety-oriented efforts. She helped coordinate a safe walking program, where she and some classmates walked home with younger students to ensure their safety. These efforts were primarily made in order to help ease the minds of working parents who were concerned for their child’s well-being, and came about after Nickaya herself lived through a childhood where she and her sister were required to walk home alone.

Nickaya ParrisNickaya started this program, called the Youth-Walkers, where she and five other teenagers walked elementary school students from their homes to the school in one large group. After her classes ended, Nickaya walked to the...

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