Frequently Asked Questions

Occupational Health & Safety courses

What are the computer system requirements for this course?
  • 1.5 GHz Computer
  • 512 Mb RAM
  • Video card and display capable of displaying 1024 X 768 resolution or better (lower resolutions may require scrolling)
  • Flash Player version 10 or higher
  • Sound card, speakers and/or headphones
  • Internet Explorer 7 or newer
  • High-speed Internet connection (minimum 1.5 Mbps) Internet Speed Test http://speedtest.net/
  • Upload Speed Minimum: sending information to the internet
  • Download Speed Minimum: receiving information from the internet
  • Minimum download speed is 1.5 Mbs
How do I access my courses once they've been purchased?
I'm having issues when logged in to my course.

Click on the green ‘Help’ button in the bottom-right corner to access the help database or contact Online Learning Enterprises directly for technical help.

I have another question about the OH&S courses.

Driver and Off-Road Training

My instructor credentials expired. How do I renew them?

If you’ve taught the minimum pre-requisite of one course a year and submitted your student form, your certification will be renewed automatically and mailed to you. If not, please contact the Traffic Coordinator at 613-739-1535 x230.

Your certification is directly tied to your insurance. When you send in your renewed insurance, if you’ve taught the minimum pre-requisite of one course a year and submitted your student form, you will receive a certificate with an updated expiration date.

Renewals are handled through your cooperating agency.

DDC, PDIC, 55 Alive:
Your certification is directly tied to your annual fees. When your fees are paid, you will receive a certificate with an updated expiration date.

I want to take an ATV/UTV/ARGO/Snowmobile course. Where can I get more information?

Contact the Traffic Coordinator at 613-739-1535 x 230 or at traffic.coordinator@safety-council.org to get information about an instructor close to you.

I lost my certificate. Can you replace it?

If you’ve taken the course fewer than five years ago, get in touch with your instructor who will be able to guide you through the process. If you don’t have their contact information, feel free to contact us at csc@safety-council.org instead. Please note there is a $50 administrative charge to replace a lost certificate.

If it’s been more than five years since you’ve taken the course, we recommend taking a refresher course to ensure your skills have stayed sharp. You will receive a new certificate upon completion.


Can I have permission to re-print an article I saw on your website?

Absolutely! There’s always a place for amplification of safety messaging. Our only request is that credit be given to the Canada Safety Council in any print, audio or visual reproduction. If you’re interested in editing the content, please email media@safety-council.org with the edited version for approval.

Can I use the Canada Safety Council logo in promotional/personal materials?

Use of the CSC logo is a perk reserved for those who purchase a membership at the Sustaining level. For more information, please visit the Membership page.

I wrote content that your readers would like. Can you link it on your site?

Linking directly to an organization’s site is a perk reserved for Corporate members or higher. For more information, please see the Membership page.

For one-off content, we do not add links to articles once they’ve been published. If you’re interested in potentially being included on a future post, send the link to media@safety-council.org and it will be reviewed. Any mention of linking through a past article will result in the email being ignored.


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