Wheels in Motion – Slow Down, My Daddy Works Here

With the arrival of nice weather, there will be an increase in road maintenance and road construction. Unfortunately we will also see an increase in highway speeds as motorists push the pedal to the metal. Speed alone is dangerous, but when doubled with construction zones, this combination can be fatal.

Road maintenance and construction crews are out there maintaining and improving our roadways for all motorists’ safety. The least we can do is think of their safety.

As a reminder to motorists, construction zones, which have workers present, are NO SPEEDING ZONES. Most construction zones have reduced speed limits, so it is law that you must slow down. If you are caught speeding over the posted limit where there are construction workers present, the speeding fine will be doubled. This is true for the majority of jurisdictions throughout Canada. Also, you may risk losing demerit points.

When you encounter road construction, slow down for everyone’s protection and obey all signs, even when there are no construction workers on the road, because there may still be some other road hazards present.

Tips for driving through construction zones:

  • Obey all signs – they contain essential information about traffic conditions, road closures and detours.
  • Obey workers holding up traffic signs.
  • Drive at the posted speed limit.
  • Maintain a safe distance between your vehicle and the vehicle in front of you. Don’t tailgate. Sudden stops are common in construction zones.

Slow Down, My Daddy Works Here is a PSA produced by the City of Calgary to address the risks faced by construction workers on a daily basis while working in construction zones.

Source: Ontario Provincial Police