Utility Terrain Vehicle Driver Course

From Issue: 
Vol LIV No. 3, July 2010

Canada Safety Council is proud to announce a new course – the Utility Terrain Vehicle (UTV) Driver Course. This course has been developed to meet the needs of industry as well as the public sector. Our records show that 20 per cent of all new off highway vehicles sold in the last two years were UTV’s.

The course will introduce strategies to help you identify and manage risks when dealing with UTV’s.

This instructor led course will cover:

  • how to start and stop the engine;
  • how to brake;
  • safe driving methods;
  • what your abilities are, and your UTV’s capabilities;
  • the proper protective gear for driving; and
  • loading and the transportation of UTV’s

This course was launched in June and is now available to those who want or require training. You must be 16 years of age or older to participate in this course. By learning to operate your UTV properly and consistently practicing safe driving techniques, you can look forward to many years or rewarding enjoyment of the sport.

Some companies will require this driver training under Canada’s Occupational Health and Safety requirements.

*This course is only available in English.