Storm Safety

Now that summer is in the rear-view mirror, the fall months offer some of their own challenges. In particular, thunderstorms and strong winds are quite common but the aftermath can be unpleasant and devastating without taking proper precautions. Here are some simple tips to help your keep your home safe through severe weather.

• Adhere to regular outdoor home maintenance. According to a recent TD Insurance poll, less than half of Canadians check for blockages that prevent water from draining away from their homes. Additionally, only 36 per cent remove weak branches and trees from their property. Neglecting these small jobs can lead to floods and damage to the home’s exterior. Did you know that downspouts should extend at least 1.8 metres away from the house’s foundation? To ensure your home is properly maintained and can withstand a strong storm, regularly inspect your home’s exterior.

• Secure loose objects. Loose objects can cause damage. For example, a lawn chair picked up by a strong gust of wind can slam against your house and destroy siding or break a window. Take time to ensure all loose objects are secured to the ground, stowed away in a shed or brought inside the house.

• Know what valuables you own. Less than 25 per cent of Canadians keep a detailed inventory of their valuables. Noting your valuables’ serial numbers, taking photographs and recording the purchase dates in a safe place will make insurance claims easier in the event of water or storm damage.