Seasonal Page

Some seasonal safety reminders

  • Summertime, swimming and safety: Talk with children about safety around water. The single most important aspect of drowning prevention is supervision. Supervise your children at all times when they are in, on or around water. Never leave children alone in or near a pool – not even for a moment. Minimize distractions when you are supervising others; for example, put the cellphone away and stay alert.
  • Set a good example for your kids – wear a helmet when cycling!
  • Nine to 10 people are killed and between 100 and 150 people are injured each year by lightning in Canada, according to Environment Canada. When you become aware of an approaching storm, seek shelter as soon as possible in a safe location, such as a house. Once inside, stay away from electrical appliances and equipment, doors, windows, fireplaces, and anything else that will conduct electricity, such as sinks, tubs and showers. After the last rumble of thunder, stay inside for 30 minutes.

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Camp fire safety tips

  • Light camp fires in designated areas only. If a fire pit is available at the campsite, use it after making sure it is free of hazards. Otherwise, look for some bare ground.

  • Clear debris such as leaves or twigs away in a three-metre diameter area around the fire site, and build a circle of rocks to prevent the fire from spreading.

  • Adults, not kids, should start campfires. Use tinder (e.g. dry needles or grass) or crumpled newspaper to ignite the fire — never gas.

  • Keep the fire under adult surveillance at all times: supervise children and pets; and prevent the fire from getting too big or sparks from flying into the bush.

  • Have a bucket of water, sand and a shovel handy.

  • Totally extinguish the fire before you go to sleep or when you leave the site.

  • Always carry a flashlight to find your way at dusk or in the dark and help others find you — one flashlight per person.