Notice to Boaters

From Issue: 
Vol LIV No. 3, July 2010

Make your 2010 recreational boating season as safe as possible.

As a responsible boater, protect your passengers and other boaters from risk and harm by remembering:

  • Not to cruise with booze;
  • To wear your lifejacket or PDF (personal flotation device) and ask all your passengers to do the same;
  • To constantly be aware of changing weather and water conditions and the actions of other boaters; and
  • To take a boating safety course to learn about the operation of your vessel and the waterways in which you will be travelling.

Remember to always bring on board your:

  • Personal identification
  • Pleasure Craft License (if your motor is more than 10 horse power)
  • Proof of competency – this includes one of the following:
    • A Pleasure craft operator card;
    • Proof of having passed a boating safety course in Canada before April 1, 1999;
    • A specified marine certificate; or
    • A completed rental-boat safety checklist.

To learn more, visit or call the Boating Safety Infoline at 1-800-267-6687.

This message brought to you by Transport Canada.