Green Defensive Driving Course: Online

Canada Safety Council and Stantec Learning Products and Solutions are proud to introduce the newly updated online Green Defensive Driving Course.

The updated version of the course presents an excellent opportunity to train new employees and offer existing employees refresher training. The Green Defensive Driving online course aims to help participants become safer drivers, and will take approximately three hours to complete.

This course, modelled after the Canada Safety Council Defensive Driving Course, provides an opportunity to learn:

  • What is involved in driving defensively.
  • Why and how various types of motor vehicle collisions occur.
  • What it takes to prevent collisions.
  • How to reduce the environmental impact of driving.

The course is comprised of six mandatory modules and a final test:

Module 1: Principles and Foundations

Module 2: The Driver

Module 3: Intersections

Module 4: Passing

Module 5: The Vehicle

Module 6: Winter Driving

Within the course, you will find:

  • Interactive learning activities including collision scenes, driving techniques, and driving scenarios.
  • Audio narrative throughout.
  • Review quizzes at the end of each module.
  • A final test with 30 multiple choice questions.

For more information, or to register for the online course, go to or e-mail

Please note: This course can be customized to meet the training needs of your organization.