Don't Let Holiday Decorating Spook You

From Issue: 
October 2016

Decorating the house for Halloween can be a fun family activity, a great pastime for an individual who wants to stand out from the crowd, or just a neat way to showcase your love for the holiday. 

As with many seemingly harmless fun activities, Halloween decorating comes with its own set of unique challenges and concerns. Here are a few tips to ensure that your home is safe and free of danger for any wandering ghouls and goblins:

• Remove sharp objects and trip hazards from around your home. Make sure the path to the door is well illuminated as well – this shows trick-or-treaters that the path is clear, all while advertising that you’re open to visitors.

• Jack-O-Lanterns and Halloween go hand in hand, but don’t forget that open flames are a fire hazard. Keep them away from curtains and flammable materials. Additionally, you might consider using a battery-powered candle or a small flashlight as a light source, rather than a candle.

• If you’re using any form of electrical lighting, ensure that the Canadian Standards Association (CSA) or the Underwriters’ Laboratory of Canada (ULC) certifies it. These two bodies set and verify safety standards to mitigate the risk of an electrical fire or short-circuit.

• If you have any pets that don’t deal well with strangers, keep them on a leash and consider keeping them far from the door or in an area where they won’t be tempted to run toward the door.

Children are frequently the targets of Halloween safety messaging, but safety begins at home. Keep the holidays safe for yourself, your family and any potential visitors – that way, the only injuries you’ll be seeing this Halloween are the kind made of latex and fake blood!