CSC launches ARGO safety course

The Canada Safety Council, in conjunction with ARGO, is pleased to offer a new safety course for the ARGO Amphibious Utility Terrain Vehicles. This is the first certified ARGO course of its kind in Canada.

Certified instructors will teach the course in either one or two day sessions. The first day covers topics for land-only use. Students will learn about, among other things, pre-ride inspection, carrying passengers, riding strategies, maneuvering hills, safe riding practices and environmental concerns.

Students enrolling for day two must have a valid boater’s licence, because this part of the course covers and involves amphibious operations. Other topics for this part of the course include hauling cargo, winching and the vehicle’s track system.

Between 630 and 700 ARGOs are sold in Canada every year, and an estimate 45,000 are in operation worldwide. They are Canadian-engineered tank-like vehicles, designed for maneuvering tough, changing terrain – everything from ice and snow to small bodies of water and thick forest.

The base price for the ARGO ranges from $10,500 to $40,000. Certain models of the utility terrain vehicle can accommodate up to six passengers, and are used for a range of recreational activities that include fishing, bush trekking and hunting.  

“Hunters love it because you can go anywhere,” says Michel Prud’homme, ARGO course developer and CSC employee. “It’s like a bathtub on wheels.”

Along with the recreational uses, ARGOs are also used by fire-fighters and the military, for search and rescue operations, and in the mining, forestry and agricultural sectors.

An extensive student book has been developed and will be given to students who successfully complete the course. While the course is very comprehensive, the CSC recommends ARGO users take a refresher course every five years as a competency check.

For more information about the course or to register, please contact Michel Prud’homme at 613.739.1535 ext. 233. You can also visit our website at

More information about ARGOs, including dealer locations, is available at


For more information, please contact:

Catherine Benesch

Communications/Media Program Coordinator, Canada Safety Council

(613) 739-1535 (ext. 228)