Common Reasons for Workplace Injuries

Workplaces face different challenges every day when it comes to keeping employees safe. Some workplaces  tend to see more accidents than others, simply due to the nature of the job or the type of company. The majority of accidents are due to an unsafe act committed by an employee involved in the accident.

Both employer and employee need to work together and understand the risks and consequences when it comes to workplace injuries.

Here are a few common reasons for workplace injuries:

Taking shortcuts. A lot of smaller tasks can be sped up if you do a bit of a lesser job on one aspect of it, or if you forego a part of the job that “has never been an issue before.” These so-called time-savers can often cause more grief than good, both to you and your co-workers. Think about the long-term repercussions before taking a shortcut in your work, because you could be creating more of an injury risk.

Being over-confident. Confidence in the work place is an extremely useful trait to have. Being overconfident can be dangerous, though. Whether it’s a matter of thinking you’re able to do a physical task that you’re not ready to handle, or else taking an attitude that a freak accident will “never happen to me,” these can all contribute to injury.

Starting a job without all the information needed. Whether you’re a new hire or an experienced worker, it’s still in your best interests to have all the information you need before starting a job. If you don’t think you know everything you need to know before taking on a project, ask someone. It’s always better to get information than it is to get injured.

Mental distractions. Separating work life from personal life is often a lot easier said than done, but is necessary. It’s important that your mental shield doesn’t drop for even a minute, since inattention can lead to injury very quickly. Focus on the task at hand at all times.

The above four points seem simple enough to avoid, and yet could contribute to many easily preventable accidents. A simple change in attitude could help make your workplace much safer.