The Most Dangerous Room - The Kitchen

What's the most dangerous room in the home when it comes to fires? According to the Canada Safety Council, it's the kitchen — and most kitchen fires can be prevented.

Deep frying leads to a lot of these home fires. Oil or grease can heat up very fast and catch fire. For those who enjoy fried food in the cold weather, this means taking a few simple precautions.

Above all, never, ever leave cooking unattended. It's safest to fry food in a CSA certified electric deep fryer with a temperature control. If you must use a sauce pan or frying pan, heat the oil slowly. Always turn off the heat as soon as the cooking is done. Built-up grease can easily catch fire, so clean your burner pans and stove top regularly.

What if grease catches fire in the kitchen? You should have a fire extinguisher nearby for this type of emergency, in addition to a working smoke alarm.

Never try to put a grease fire out with water. If possible, cover the pan with a close fitting lid to smother the flames; you may use baking soda on shallow grease fires. If you can't control the fire immediately, get yourself and your family out fast, and call 911 from a neighbor’s phone.